What Do They Do With All That Poo?

What Do They Do With All That Poo?


Find out what happens to all of the poo at the zoo in this funny and factual picture book!

There are so many different kinds of animals at the zoo, and they each make lots and lots (and sometimes LOTS!) of poo. So what do zoos do with all of that poo? This zany, fact-filled romp explores zoo poo, from cube-shaped wombat poo to white hyena scat, and all of the places it ends up, including in science labs, elephant-poo paper, and even backyard gardens!

Each copy is signed and dated by illustrator Allison Black and comes with a couple of extra goodies! The perfect gift for a child…or for friends who just love poo!

  • Hardcover Format - 40 Pages

  • Written by Jane Kurtz / Illustrated by Allison Black

  • Recommended for ages 3 and up

  • Published by Beach Lane Books, June 2018

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