New App!

Emoji Pals App

After months of concept discussions, designing, reiterating and designing some more...we finally launched our very first app!  We worked with a really good friend of ours who is also an amazing coder and the owner/developer of Pomegrante Apps!  Our app is called Emoji Pals and you can get it for FREE in the App Store today!  The app lets you pick a character, emotion and accessories to dress up your emoticon before sharing it with friends and family.  Above are just a few of the combinations you can create!  Right now you can get Skye (yellow emoji), Charlie (cat), Scout (dog), Duncan (cake) and Peach (peach - obviously) for free, plus tons of hats, glasses, mustaches, bow ties and more.  If you're looking for additional options, you can purchase characters or character/accessory packs by clicking on the present icon and entering the shop!  We will be releasing a new character pack every month and assorted freebies, so be sure to check the present icon to see what's new and free!  Enjoy creating!!!   

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