Meet Richard!

Farm Sanctuary Richard the Rooster

We got our Adoption Certificate from Farm Sanctuary and Hip-Hip is now the proud parent of Richard!!!!! Isn't he dreamy?!  Above are some fun facts about our little man (the ones with the red dot are 100% accurate...the others might be debatable!)  We're hoping by the end of the year he's changed his mind on his favorite color!  As a gift for our adoption, we gave him that sweet bow tie - just for photos ;)  So fancy! 

Right now Richard lives at the New York Farm Sanctuary Shelter, located in Watkins Glen.  It's a gorgeous area in the Finger Lakes region, and definitely within driving distance of our studio!  I think a road trip will have to be in the works sometime this year to meet Richard is person!  YAY!  We'll keep you posted when we do go, and of course we'll report back on all his best buddies at the farm - including Marlon!

Along with the photo and adoption certificate, we received a letter telling us about Richard's story.  It doesn't start very happy, but it looks like he's living the sweet life these days!  So here it is:

In August 2015, Richard and his friend Marlon were dumped at the New York Shelter, a rare bit of luck for two birds who began life with the odds stacked heavily against them.  The dumping of roosters has become alarmingly common as the popularity of backyard hobby flocks continue to grow.  The chicks purchased for these flocks, whether from a catalog, a website, or a feed store, ultimately originate in giant industrial hatcheries.  At such facilities, male chicks are typically "destroyed" at birth, since they won't grow up to produce eggs and are illegal in many areas.  Richard was among the unknown number of male chicks who end up in shipments of females, either through worker error or because they are being used as living packing material to fill out a box.  While these chicks escape immediate slaughter, further perils await them.  Countless unwanted young roosters are "set free" to fend for themselves against traffic, predators, harsh weather and starvation.  Others are dumped at municipal shelters or sanctuaries, inundating overtaxed facilities.  Fortunately for Richard, he ended up at Farm Sanctuary and is safe at last!  He is no longer in danger of being rejected because of what he isn't, Richard will henceforth be loved for who he is.  

That's a tough start for our little guy, but it looks like 2016 should be a pretty good year for him!  Thanks again everyone for your contributions during the holiday season!  We're SO excited about our Richard! 

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