New Product - Stickers!

Hip-Hip Sticker Sets!

We're super excited about all the new product that just hit our online shop, and our stockist stores, last week!  We've got 9 love/friendship greeting cards, 3 mini card sets and......drum roll please.......STICKER SETS!  We might be overly exited about these sticker sets, but we're so happy with how they turned out aaaaaand we might have gone a little bonkers "testing them out" in the studio.  There are stickers all over EVERYTHING right now - including the pets! :O

Each set comes with six unique designs, twelve stickers total.  We're already sold out of the Conversation Sticker Set and we only have two of the Cattitude Sticker Sets left, so if you're thinking about getting them for Valentine's Day, make sure you pick them up now!  We'll be restocking the Cattitude Set in March and we'll bring in a new set at that time, too!  Happy sticking :)

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