Small Kitty Big Adventures Special Collection

We are very excited to announce our first Special Collection!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you see how excited we are by all those exclamation points?  Here's a few more in case you didn't get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is a 'Special Collection' you ask?  Great question!  We plan on developing a Special Collection 4 times a year featuring something a little different than our main line.  It gives us a chance to explore new styles, palettes, concepts and products.  The items we make in our Special Collections will only be available for a limited time and while supplies last - so don't miss out on something you love!  

Small Kitty Big Adventures is the name of our first collection and it features a little bowtie clad white kitty.  He travels to various locations and sees some pretty amazing things along the way!  We'll be sharing details on each of the stops in the upcoming weeks - so check in when you have a chance!