Farm Sanctuary Fundraiser!

farm sanctuary fundraiser

We have had such a great year so far, with an incredibly successful launch and more support than we could possibly have imagined!  So we wanted to give back this holiday season and we found the perfect place to donate our resources - the Farm Sanctuary

Founded in 1986 (Allison's birth year!), Farm Sanctuary strives to protect farm animals from cruelty, bring awareness and understanding about these animals to the public, and advocate for laws that promote compassion for our furry and feathered friends.  They have done incredible work and are listed on Charity Navigator as a 4 star (out of 4 stars) charity, with a 94% rating - so you know your money is actually going towards the animals!  Plus, Jon Stewart likes them...and let's be honest we've been trusting Jon Stewart with our news for years, why not trust him now?!   Farm Sanctuary has 3 locations in the US where they provide safe and happy homes for previously abused animals.  Check out some of the cuties who are lucky enough to have been rescued by them here! Don't worry, they look extremely happy with their new lives!

So starting today and ending on Christmas day with EVERY order made (no matter how big or small), we will be donating $5 towards Farm Sanctuary.  Our hope is to raise enough money to sponsor a chicken for a year -  helping to pay for the resources needed to keep these little guys and gals from cruelty.  We'll be tracking our progress over the next several weeks, so check back to see where we're at! 

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